Safe and Easy, but Effective Bodyweight Exercises for Kids

While strength training can be injurious to young-aged children, your children still need to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, eating unhealthily, playing with toys or spending all their free time on video games will just do the opposite. But that doesn’t imply that you deny your kid a chance to grow happily. Your children can still continue playing video games, eating their favorite foods and studying without risking any overweight-related issues such as obesity and more. Read more at body weight What they are required to do is, perform a variety of bodyweight exercises.

Why bodyweight exercises

Compared to equipment-based workouts, body exercises have been proven to be efficient and safe for kids regardless of age or size. Moreover, they don’t require the use of any fitness machine. These exercises will not only help your kids maintain a healthy weight but also gain strength they need to perform well in other physical activities such as sports and more.

Here are five best bodyweight exercises for kids

  1. Push-ups

Pushups are among the best bodyweight exercises that aim to strengthen the upper body of children. This workout aims at strengthening the muscles in your child’s chest, shoulders as well as forearms. To perform this exercises, make your child lie facing down on the mat.

Make sure that his or her body is straight from head to feet. His or her palms should be flat on the mat and shoulder-width distance apart. At this position, tell him or her to push his body off the ground using his or her hands until both arms are fully extended. They can then lower their body to the ground by bending their elbow until their chests graze the mat then push their body up again. He or she should perform about three sets of ten repetitions.

  1. Sit ups

Sit ups helps improve your kid’s balance and strength by working on a variety of muscles in your kid’s abs and core. They also help to improve their postures making it easy for them to perform well in sports and other activities.

Have them lie facing up with their knees slightly bent. Let your kid place his or her fingertips behind his or her ears. With their shoulder blades pulled back and both elbows out to their sides, tell your child or kids to tighten their abs and raise their body off the mat and towards their knees and then back to their initial position. Let them start with two sets of eight reps.

  1. Squats

Your kids need stronger legs to maintain a better posture and to perform a variety of sporty activities with much ease, and nothing can help them achieve these much better than squats exercise. Let your child begin in a standing position with his or her legs widened about hip-width distance. Tell him or her to slowly bend his or her knees until his or her thighs become parallel with the floor. Next, ask him or her to stand up. Let your kid do two sets of 8 repetitions.

  1. Superman exercise

Superman workout is one of the easiest and fun, but effective bodyweight exercise for kids. This exercise will help strengthen the muscles in their upper as well as lower back. Moreover, they target the gluteus and hamstring muscles. To perform this exercise, tell your kid to lie facing down on the mat with his or her arms extended on the front.

He or she can then proceed to raise his or her left leg and right arm some inches off the mat, hold the position and then get back to the starting position. Next, your kid should lift his or her right leg and left arm off of the mat, hold a few seconds and then back. He or she should aim for about eight repetitions of this exercise.

More tips

  • Make the exercises fun – Remember, kids, like to play. So, make these workouts fun as possible. You can add some music, laughs or anything they find interesting.
  • Don’t force your kid to perform the exercises if he or she doesn’t want to. Instead, tell him or her the benefits.
  • Let them do this exercises regularly – Your kids won’t help by performing these exercises once a week. Let them exercise at least 2 to 3 times a week.


These four exercises will help your kids build muscles, develop healthy bones as well as joints. However, they require a proper workout plan and supervision. Ensure you’ve created a program that doesn’t conflict with their daily tasks and play time. Last, but not least, let them have fun as much as possible.

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